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Sahiwal is the city, which is located in central Punjab, Pakistan. Sahiwal is currently the organizational center of district Sahiwal. Sahiwal city has a population of 207,388, according to the population survey in 1998. Sahiwal is the fourteenth largest city of Punjab province and the twentieth largest city of Pakistan. The old name of Sahiwal was Montgomery. It was a small village in the past, which was located on the Karachi-Lahore railway line in 1865. Sahiwal old name Montgomery was named after the Lieutenant Governor of Punjab Sir Robert Montgomery.

Sahiwal name was given in 1967 after the Sahi clan of Kharal Rajpoots. Kharal Rajpoots are the native dwellers of Sahiwal. Sahiwal is located between the two famous rivers known as Ravi and Sutlej. The main crops grown in Sahiwal are cotton, wheat, tobacco, oilseeds and potatoes. Real estate projects are also being introduced on wide scales in various areas of Sahiwal. There is also a huge network of radio and cable in Sahiwal, like 105 Awaz FM of Sahiwal city. The land of Sahiwal is very fertile for growing crops and getting huge profit from them after reaping. The weather conditions in summer in Sahiwal are very hot with a highest temperature of 52 degree Celsius and in winter it goes down to almost 5 degree Celsius.

Total Developments in Sahiwal: 7