Are you ready to live ideally and outstandingly within an exclusive space? If yes, then Prime City Faisalabad welcomes you to live in a place which is full of attractive amenities. You would love and desire to live here after visiting this land of dreams. Approved by the Faisalabad Development Authority project is highly developed according to advanced modes and techniques where people can live comfortably. This place gives you a chance to turn your dreams of remarkable living into reality. Different Marla properties are available according to the needs and demands of families.

You would get surprised and pleased to know that a delightful living experience is now accessible very easily and reasonably. A very convenient payment plan along with enormous facilities attracts a number of people to choose this place without delay. Owning a home is no more a matter of just investment or having a roof to just spend a life. It has become more than that in the modern day world. The developers of Prime city Faisalabad understands this fact and established such a place where one can express oneself in the best ways.

This project aims to deliver all that is needed to spend a facilitated and luxurious living. A vast opportunity is waiting for you to stay happy and host striking amenities in the Faisalabad's most coveted, exclusively gated society. All you need is to book your place here on very easy terms to start living in a desirable way.  

Project Plan

Various property types are part of this project where people can choose a suitable type in accordance with their needs. Residential plots, commercial plots and constructed houses are part of this project. 4 Marla to 10 Marla Residential Plots, 1.6 Marla to 4.8 Marla Commercial plots while 3.9 Marla to 5 Marla constructed houses are also available. The development work is progressing rapidly while maximum work has been completed very successfully.

Prime City Faisalabad Location Map

Walk towards your dream home very easily and rapidly as the location of this project is very prime and ideal. This project is situated on Satiana Road Faisalabad which is a very famous road of this city. Enormous facilitated educational and health institutions, food courts, transportation points and roads are very closely located. Faisalabad Bypass and Sargodha University Campus are just 5 minutes away from this venture. Located at the pulse of the city, it offers seamless connectivity so that you can spend quality time with your family and remain facilitated.

Prime City Faisalabad Location Map

Prime City Faisalabad Payment Plan

A very easy payment plan is available to the people who want to get settled very highly and in a quality way. You will get more than you expect while living in this place. Property can be booked on cash payments and also on easy instalment plans. This place provides a chance to enjoy the best residence, business and investment experience. Here is the payment plan for this project:

Prime City Faisalabad Payment Plan


Your needs, demands and desires are what inspires the AH Developers who have established this project tremendously. This project is designed to provide comfort, safety, luxury and space without any compromise. A careful planning is the base of this project where people can achieve a best-suited lifestyle according to contemporary time’s values.

Their inflexible investment in quality constructing material, exclusive design strategy, give assurance of maximum safety and comfort while little maintenance. Prime City Faisalabad is a world where considerate plans raise life experiences and residence celebrate life itself.

Features and Facilities

Make yourself ready to access vital facilities and striking features while living at this land of dreams. An improved and luxurious lifestyle is available to you very easily. This venture is packed with enormous facilities and features where living would be as delightful as one wants it to be. The place meets all the requirements of an ideal living.

Modern Infrastructure

Here you will find one of the most highly developed infrastructures of Faisalabad. Roads are built in an amazing way. These roads are designed to evoke the sense of international standards and modes.

The road networks are carefully arranged and designed in such a way that they are extensive and broad. Not only the main roads but the roads in the residential lanes also stable enough to manage the traffic load easily.

Safety and Security

You are at the right place if you want to live in a safest and protected environment. The most important component is safety and security. A high alert guard faculty is there which is monitoring all the actions through the CCTV cameras. The experienced and active security staff works very carefully all the time to provide a peaceful and secure living experience.

Parks and Playgrounds

Many small and large parks are part of this project where people can have an enjoyable and relaxed time. Walking and sitting in these lush green parks are really a source of delight and peace. A society has its own large central park and playground where children can have a safe and enjoyable living experience.

Electricity and Sui Gas Supply

The proper supply of electricity and Sui gas is assured to the residents of this place. Every home will be facilitated from these basic necessities without being uninterrupted. An underground electrification system is established to avoid major breakdowns. Just like electricity, the Sui gas facility is also provided in the best possible way even in the winters the supply remains constant.

Water Treatment Plant

Prime City Faisalabad has its own water purifying plant which assures the provision of clean and pure water. From there every home will get the pure drinking water at their home. This is a very important step to have a healthy living with easy access to clean water.

Central Mosque

There is a central mosque which has all the components of the great and huge Islamic dynasty. This mosque will show unity in the Islamic world and it will be the symbol of eternal beauty and the respect for our religion. This mosque is designed very beautifully while fully equipped with all the basic facilities.


This project has a clear set of priorities and a pragmatic approach which help you find the right home, in a very convenient budget. Ideal and luxurious lifestyle is waiting for you at this place. Do not miss out to live a resort life with a life of complete lavishness, comfort and convenience. Just visit this place and you will not be confused any more about deciding a right and desirable place to live.


Prime City Faisalabad Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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