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Welcome to Omega Residencia Faisalabad, a well-planned, modern and spacious community offering a variety of residential plots and commercial plots where you can avail of an exclusive lifestyle and discover the futuristic investment prospects. Omega Residencia Faisalabad is the top-class project that encompasses luxury, comfort, and affordability. After setting new standards of living in Lahore and getting immense success and appreciation, this place is now going to serve the inhabitants of Faisalabad by bringing the attractive plot deals in the most vibrant living and flourishing investment environment.

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Facilities and Features

High living and investment options in the form of well-developed plots for sale are available with a convenient payment plan and easy 5 years installment policies. Located ideally in the heart of Faisalabad city, Omega Residencia offers world-class living and a favorable investment environment to the clients. Developed on the latest concepts and trends, this place is catching the attention of modern buyers and potential clients even in the initial stages.

The real estate of Faisalabad has flourished so much in the past few decades where many well-known developers have presented the latest infrastructural development offering great opportunities to the inhabitants of Faisalabad. Among many top housing schemes in Faisalabad, Omega Residencia is getting much prominence because of the exceptional approach in all the matters.

This place is packed with the world-class amenities indicating a comfortable and well-maintained lifestyle where the basic and advanced all kinds of facilities are available, not much away from your residence. Here different size residential plots for sale and commercial plots for sale are available from which the buyers can choose at their convenience. Everything is planned and maintained in a way that all your demands and needs are fulfilled without going out of budget. The best, safe, secure and convenient living environment is provided where you can spend a stress-free life away from the noisy environment.

 Omega Residencia Faisalabad

This housing scheme features the best accommodations packed with all kinds of luxuries, facilities and unique features. The investment opportunities are also bright here as the property prices will definitely encounter a boost because of the high development approach, tactical location and high property value in the market. All these factors play a crucial role in setting the elevated standard of this community, which has so much to offer you. Let’s consider the other details of this project!

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Omega Residencia Faisalabad Aims

Various greater names are leading the real estate market of Faisalabad in the current time yet, Omega Residencia is the most prominent one because of the exceptional and unique approach in all the matters. This housing scheme is the choice of many people, and the reason for this prominence lies in the fact that it gives a high-quality lifestyle and affordability all at the same time. Let’s consider the other main points which will describe the aims of the developers behind this project. Have a look!

Provide Everyday facilities to people

This is the primary concern of the developers as they want to give remarkable convenience and facilitated lifestyle to the residents. Here the basic, as well as advanced facilities, are available with the intention to encourage every individual, from various classes to come and be a part of this place to start living a life full of facilities.

Comforts for Everyone

You do not to be richer to occupy a place here as this place wants to give everyone a chance to enjoy comforts and luxuries of every day which are only limited to the elite class because of the increasing property prices in Pakistan. Omega Residencia Faisalabad is an excellent attraction for average income people as it has set the payment plan so appealing and easy that everyone can be a property owner to gain profits in the future.

Treating the no different way

This place intends to encourage each other similarly and give accommodation to everyone equally as many affordable options are available which people can avail. It is easy to be a part of this community and elevate the lifestyle by adding comforts, luxuries and high quality in all the spheres of life. The significant point that everybody will receive a desirable living here without any distinction.

Fulfill the dreams of each individual

Each individual among us has a wish and dream of a pleasant and completely outfitted home is the ideal one and the envisioned spot for everybody. That is the motivation behind why Omega Residencia is created in such a manner. It is designed and maintained in an urbanized way to provide an exceptional living to everyone. Through this place, every individual could get a preferred position and discover the place they had always wanted.

To Gain name with work

The significant point about Omega Residencia is to pick up the success and appreciation through the work profile and the fulfillment of the customers' needs. This is the motivation behind making this housing scheme the best and preferred living and investment place.

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Project Plan

Omega Residencia Faisalabad is a tremendous project where the exclusive living and top-investment chances are accessible to people as the whole community is masterly planned. Because of the unique development, an array of world-class amenities and advanced infrastructure, this place offers a great sense of community to the residents. With a proven history of excellence, high quality, and exclusive approach, the developers have planned and worked professionally in this remarkable development by utilizing the latest trends and techniques.

The well-equipped, various size plots for sale are available and the latest community plan makes Omega Residencia Faisalabad an ideal living and investment hub. This housing scheme is spread over a large area while located at one of the most leading locations of Faisalabad city. Here enormous unique attractions are combined to make a perfect society where people can live with high class and eminence.

Omega residencia faisalaabad

Advanced and proper road networks are spread throughout the community, which are all carpeted having green belts around. Lush green parks, landscapes, and playgrounds are made part in order to give people a peaceful and delightful living experience, close to nature. The commercial sector will also be there to cater to the commercial needs of people. 

Moreover, the best entertainment, social, health, and educational facilities are available to bring forth the true convenience, comfort and passion to one's residence. It is a gated community where the safety and security of people are highly kept in view by the authorities to maintain a peaceful living. Truly, it is a master-planned community bringing together the comforts, luxury, high-class and affordability.  

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Omega Residencia Faisalabad Payment Plan

Omega Residencia Faisalabad has designed the most attractive and best payment plan for its buyers. This community is offering the residential as well as commercial plots at different prices. One can book the plot here with a certain amount of down payment which follows the easy 5 Years installment plan.

This development is one of the top-class housing schemes offering premium living to people with affordability. The down payment is very reasonable, and installment plans of all the residential and commercial plots are designed very conveniently. Developers highly kept in mind the convenience of people and make it possible for everyone to be a part of this top real estate development with the futuristic approach. High residential and investment opportunities are available, and the future values and demand of plots for sale will inevitably increase.

The current appreciation and demand of properties in Omega Residencia Faisalabad indicate this fact very well and give you a hint that it is the perfect time to book your plot here before it’s too late. Your decision of buying property here will make you able to enjoy enormous investment and living benefits because of the high financial standings, tactical location and exceptional development status.

The commercial and residential plots are priced differently according to their size, and each has a different installment amount according to the total price. From various options, you can pick up the property which suits your residential, commercial or investment needs. Do not miss a chance to be a part of this exclusive housing scheme which assures the best value of your money. Let’s discuss the detailed payment plan containing all the prices and other required information.

omega residencia payment plan

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Omega Residencia Faisalabad Plots for Sale

Omega Residencia Faisalabad is a place to find out your desired property, either residential or commercial, at the most competitive prices. Exclusive plots for sale are available, allowing you to design the sophisticated and elegant homes at the best location. 3 Marla, 4 Marla, 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 20 Marla and 40 Marla residential plots for sale while 2.2 Marla, 3.2 Marla, 4 Marla, 5 Marla and 8 Marla commercial plots for sale are available. The potential buyers can choose the one according to their residential and investment needs.

This development is surrounded by the lush green environment with the desirable facilities including parking, parks, wide front roads and access to all the amenities. Moreover, all the plots are very well-equipped with the basic necessities including electrification, Sui gas connections, water pipelines, and proper sewerage system. These plots assure not only the best living future but also the beneficial investment options as the land price will continue to grow in the real estate market.

Omega Residencia Faisalabad Location Map

Omega Residencia Faisalabd holds great value and appreciation mainly because of its top-class and tactical location among many other housing schemes of this city. This upgrade living community is located ideally on Faisalabad Bypass Road, which is the hub of many residential and commercial real estate developments. The project is set not only among the facilities but also in the midst of a lush green environment, indicating a peaceful lifestyle to the residents. Omega Residencia Faisalabad enjoys a high-class location from all the perspectives. Peace and convenience lie here; however, the residents do not need to go far away to fulfill their basic needs.

One can access this community very easily and quickly because of the prime address while many developments are going on around the society indicating the high investment and living future of this place. The main roads are linked with this place, and many entertainment options are closely available. Large and lush areas surround this place while the best shopping places and the commercial areas are connected, adding more to the attraction of this place.

Here you will also be close to the essential educational, health, commercial and transportation centers all the time. The investment future is also very high here because of the demand and value of properties. You will surely have a comfortable and remarkable life. It is a great and drastic location of this city which enjoys excellent links to the central and important parts of the city. 


omega residencia faisalabad location map

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Omega Residencia Faisalabad Developers 

Omega Villas PVT developed this project by presenting the accurate picture of luxury, high class, eminence, and quality. The developers have accomplished everything with much brilliance and honesty. In Lahore, the project under the same name has gained much appreciation and value, and now it is on the same path in Faisalabad. More High standards are applied while developing this community as the aim of the developers is to cater to the needs and demands of people both elite and middle class in the best possible manner. The payment plan for this place indicates this concern very well as it is planned by the authorities so conveniently and attractively.

This project is a very significant achievement of the developers as they have introduced new and exceptional living ideas to people. They understand the need and demand of a modern residence and applied some of the best development techniques to present something exceptional for the inhabitants of Faisalabad. 

The professionals and experts have provided a place of your dreams. Exceptional living quality and high standards are provided to people. By keeping in view the factors of excellence, modernism, quality, and sincerity, they aim to offer a remarkable and smart living place to people. Omega Residencia Faisalabad is truly a great development that has earned the developers a prestigious reputation in the real estate sector.

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Omega Residencia Faisalabad Facilities and Features 

It is a place which is here to give you the best kind of living as many remarkable facilities and world-class amenities are made part in order to cater to all the needs of residents. 

The modern and convenient infrastructure

This community truly defines the modernism and urbanization by keeping the whole infrastructural development remarkable according to the global trends. The roads, homes and other buildings, everything is planned by the best engineers and then the plans are executed excellently.

Modern Villas 

Modern Villas are planned to be constructed which will be specially designed in a modern and compatible way where every essential will available to the measured space. This is what most of us look for in a small house that it should appear bigger than its size and everything should be modern.

Lush green environment

Most of us are interested in keeping the interaction more with nature and less with artificial things. Omega Residencia Faisalabad is proud to present the lush green atmosphere around the most modern and urbanized infrastructure. This assures healthy and peaceful living. away from the noise and pollution where life can be enjoyed at the best.

Best Community structure

The structure of the community is very advanced and appealing, where the latest development trends and concepts are applied. The whole community has boundary walls, excellent road networks, landscapes, well-developed plots, underground wiring, and pipelines. This style is new and different from other housing schemes. This globally organized community is catching the attention of modern buyers at a significant level.

Highly maintained and monitored security System

There is no compromise when it comes to the security of the residents in the society. Reliable and highly active security staff and systems are managed here; however, CCTV cameras are also fixed in the streets to ensure the maximum safety of the residents by keeping an eye on every happening. Only relevant people are allowed to enter.


The appealing infrastructural mosque, containing all the essentials, is developed keeping in mind the requirement of every Muslim sect. This mosque has a spacious and advanced design where the Muslims can offer prayers in a comfortable and facilitated environment.

Advanced Sewerage system

The next most important thing is the sewerage system, and this is the main focus of every housing scheme to develop such sewerage systems that are appropriately installed and easy to maintain. In Omega Residencia, there is no need to dig the roads and fix the pipes as everything has been sorted very well and inbuilt. 

Shopping malls

The biggest and exclusive shopping malls are planned to be established in Omega Residencial Faisalabad. There will be shops, and all the brands will be introduced so that residents could avail a chance to cater to their shopping needs. It would be an excellent benefit for people while also affects the prices of the properties in the future.

Grocery Shops

Every sector has its grocery shop in the commercial market to provide convenience to the residents. They can buy everyday goods easily from there. 


There are plans of creating different clinics and hospitals in Omega Residencia Faisalabad so that the residents could avail of the facility of health care within the premises of society. The best medical facilities will be provided to people on an immediate basis while all the clinics and hospitals will be well equipped with professional staff and the latest instruments.

Schools and educational complexes

One of the best attractions of this society is that the schools and educational complexes are just a few minutes away for providing quality education as it is the most important aspect in the current time. This allows the residents to provide the best education options to their children without sending them far away.

Wide and fully maintained roads

This community possesses one of the finest and advanced infrastructures of Faisalabad city, where the amazing road network is spread throughout this housing scheme surrounded by the green belts. Walking and driving tracks are different; however, the carpeted and extensive main boulevard presents a fantastic view of the overall community.

Parks and Jogging Tracks 

For entertainment and promoting physical activities, there are many parks that belong to various sectors. These parks also include the jogging tracks for fitness lovers and swings for children. 

Gymnasium and sports complex

For every member, there is a seat in the gymnasium. Get the membership and avail the awesome fitness-relevant facilities with the sports complex and the swimming pool. 

Water purifying plants

In Pakistan, there is a very big issue of pure water. For that, there are many water plant within the society for providing the filtered and purified water to all the residents.

Less electricity load shedding

There is no area in Pakistan where lights come all the time. Still, there are areas such as Omega Residencia where load shedding is minimized and reduced due to the society generators. No climatic issues are faced due to strong wiring, and no weather conditions cause problems in the electricity supply. Electricians are available every time for fixing the issues and answering the queries.

Sui Gas Supply

The proper electricity supply is guaranteed to the residents of this place even in the winters as all the plots have an active and advanced gas pipeline connections to avoid this issue. 

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