After the successful and remarkable development of Model City, the developers are delighted to offer the second top-most project which will be called Model City 2 in Faisalabad. Which is a unique and top residential project of its kind. It offers a new change of pace and great lifestyle to the residents of Faisalabad. Superb investment and living opportunities are available to you here. It offers a facilitated, vibrant and safe atmosphere at the very ideal and peaceful location of Faisalabad. Its development status and charm are highly appealing who wishes to enjoy an exclusive and comfortable sort of living.

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All the modern trends and techniques are applied here so that people could have the best living experience in all the ways. It has a plenty of opportunities where you can build up a home of your dreams and desires. Model City 2 is an improved and more successful picture of the previous project under the same name. You will find all the basic and some additional necessities to live ideally and completely. Mainly it is characterized by the reasonably priced property to live high in the cost of living, safety and leisure. Come and own a property at the most popular living and investment destination as it is the best and affordable option for you.

Model City 2 Faisalabad

Model City 2 Faisalabad Location Map

Deciding to live in Model City 2 Faisalabad can be exciting. You will find a great location to live and enjoy the facilities this place is surrounded by. It is located on Satiana Road which is a very well-known and easily accessible location. All the important schools, hospitals, food points, shopping centers and transportation spots are connected to this place where living would be a source of much convenience and comfort.

Model City 2 is the hub for an upscale and standardized living. There are some great spots close to this place to go on weekends and spend a quality time with your family. If shopping is on your mind than commercial area or shopping malls are closely available. It is the most desirable residential area to live in.

Model City 2 Faisalabad Location Map

Model City 2 Faisalabad Payment Plan

It is a place of comforts, facilities and opportunities while within a very easy payment plan. The payment plan is highly convenient and price varies according to the size and location of the property. You can build a dream home in this dream place with much affordability. Simple terms and conditions are to be fulfilled to own a land here.


It is a project developed by Madni Developers who have a great contribution to the real estate of Faisalabad. Special Public concerns are kept in view to provide all which is both need and demand of contemporary time. You will find a residential place which offers the choicest of amenities for an enriched lifestyle. Conceptualized at the project planning stage, such designs provide an unhindered strolling area within the place. High-quality services and professionalism are extended to provide the valued lifestyle to the people who choose this place.

Features and Facilities

What are the first and the foremost things you look for when you are thinking of purchasing a residential property?  There might be a list of necessities that projects might be provided but there a few among them without which it's difficult to lead a reasonable life. Model City 2 understands this fact and provide the best and essential facilities to you. Luxurious expectations aside, there are some amenities you should not compromise on if you are looking forward to being contented. Here is a list of amenities this place offers to its residents:

Extensive and Wide Roads

This place offers the best kind of infrastructure along with the beautiful and wide roads. It is a source of pleasure to walk or drive on them. The green belts around the roads add much to the beauty and attractiveness of this place.

Power Backup System

You do not need to be worried about the electrical failures or breakdowns while living in this place. It provides a power backup facility to its residents. Power outages are a common scenario in Pakistan but this place makes sure the continuous electricity supply.

Playing Spaces

Playgrounds and sports courts are developed within this project to offer an entertainment side to people. The recreational amenities could help you discover the finer side of life.

Security system

Model City 2 provides a higher level of security like CCTV camera installed everywhere, firefighting equipment, video door phone and other facilities. This housing society provides 24/7 securities with guards stationed at all times at the entrance doors.

Maintenance Facility

This place has a maintenance staff which is very co-operative and helping. A busted pipe, an overflowing leakage can cause serious damage to your home. Having an on-site emergency maintenance staff can lessen the damage and get your life back to normal quickly. 

Green landscapes

In this hectic life, there are moments when you need your peace of mind. When you are cutting through the city’s traffic and noisy environment, you would want to escape into quieter spaces when you get back home. Model City 2 has enormous land allotted to lush green landscapes and parks which are very delightful.


Generally, the driving factors for any property purchase is the location and budget preference of a buyer. However, home buying is a complex process that it appears to be. This difficulty is solved by the development of Model City 2. The quality of life here for expats is extremely high, and it’s possible to live comfortably on a relatively modest budget. It is among the top and most desirable residential projects of Faisalabad which is designed and developed very exclusively and uniquely.


Model City 2 Faisalabad Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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