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Jhelum is a famous city of Punjab Province, which is located on the right bank of Jhelum River. Jhelum is also famous of providing brave soldiers to the British and now to the Pakistan Army, which is the reason this city is known as the city of martyrs and soldiers. Jhelum city is located near the site of Battle between Alexander of Macedonia and Raja Porus. The famous Grand Trunk road also passes through the city of Jhelum. In the survey report of population conducted in 1998, the population of Jhelum was 145, 647 and in the survey report of 2012 it was 188,803.

According to the reports received from various sources it is found that, the name of the city is derived from two words one is Jal means pure water and the other is Ham means snow. There are many real estate societies being built on wide scale in various areas of the city. There are also a huge number of industries in Jhelum of wood, glass, tobacco, marble and also flourmills. Jhelum city has flourished in various departments in the past few years. A huge expansion of the city is also in progress, which has become vibrant for economic and cultural purposes. The famous places of the city are ShandarChowk, GTS Chowk, Main Bazar, Naya Bazar, Sarafa Bazar, Soldier Arcade and many more. A military cantonment is also located in the city, which was built in the British rule.

Total Developments in Jhelum: 3