Enter to the world of change and luxuries with Gandhara City Islamabad which will open new doors of living to you. Located on the central location of Islamabad, an upscale living is available to you according to global standards. This place represents an irresistible mix of comfort, privacy and space, setting the stage for living a good life. 

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Payment Plan

You will get all the facilities at Gandhara City Islamabad which are essential to lead a life full of comforts. You will find great residential and investment opportunities here. Many planned amenities are part of this place which covers the basic requirements and also the entertainment side. Different properties are here for you while packed with all the necessities.

Gandhara City Islamabad

Commercial plots are also available where you can set up new business at the superb location. It is a place where you will interact with both natural and facilitated environment as the place is located on the beautiful location and enriched with world-class amenities and striking features.

Urban activities are carried out in order to get better the value of life and create safe living spaces for sustainable urban development. The payment plan is also very flexible in order to provide a standardized living to maximum people. Find your paradise at Gandhara City Islamabad, a better community where fun and relaxation meet.

Gandhara City Islamabad Location Map

It is the most important and considerable question while deciding a place to live. It is located near Islamabad International Airport and Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway. It is the most developed and top location of Islamabad where you will enjoy the connectivity to many important and beneficial spots. It is easily accessible from all over the city as many important roads are connected to this project.

You will find all the facilities very easily at your doorstep. Like many other attractions, this project holds a great value and attracts t for its strategic location. People rush towards these type of locations to live with ease and comforts. Moreover, it affects the property value directly. Gandhara City enjoys a very well-reputed and an ideal location which is essential to living conveniently in all the ways.

Gandhara City Islamabad Location Map

Gandhara City Islamabad Payment Plan

Now let me inform you about the most important aspect and that is the price of properties. Continue to read in order to get informed about the detailed payment strategy this place has. You will be more attracted and appreciate this project after you get to know that how easy and flexible are the payment plan.  You would be pleased to know that how much easy and attractive payment plan this project has. Turn out your dreams into a reality with much ease and convenience with Gandhara City Islamabad.

The booking is very easy without any ambiguities and you can have ownership with much ease. Decide a property type and be an owner of it without being troubled about high payments and complex paperwork. This place gives you an ownership with certain easy terms and conditions. Instalment policies are also available for people who cannot pay all at once.


This project is developed by Gandhara developers who work with the aim of providing an excellent and reliable lifestyle to people. A unique and outclass development can be seen in all the parts of this venture. International standards and trends are being applied everywhere to give people a place which is compatible with modern time and what is demands.  The developers start with strategic place development, through to design and construction.

They promote a unique idea of residence with the excellence and reliability where professionalism is evident in the best possible ways. The passion is working in the design, architecture and project management sectors, delivering the best and sustainable housing society. The developers of this place have proved themselves as a premier residential property developer in the country with a renowned reputation. Their unique customer-centric business model has a proven track proof of innovation and distinction.

Features and Facilities

While buying a house, facilities are always on the top of our priority list as they are essential to lead a life of comforts and luxuries. This society has many concerns regarding the best safety and other living factors. Just live here and you yourself will fall in love with this place because of everything it has to offer. Every aspect of life is covered under the facilities and essentials this place offers to its residents in order to give them a memorable living experience.

Carpeted Roads

You will love walking and driving on the beautiful and extensive road network which are developed very outstandingly. The green belts around the roads add more to the pleasant view of this society.

Safety and Security

It is a very crucial part to live happily and peacefully. High alert and smart security system are organized all over the society and you can live with ease here at this gated community.

Educational and Health Facilities

The best hospitals and educational institutions are available very close to you while living in Gandhara City Islamabad. For the proper health facilities and high education, you do not need to very far which is very convenient in all the ways.

Shopping Malls

A commercial side is developed within the area so that people could get the things of basic necessities without going out of the society. The shopping malls are available within the society which provides the best shopping experience to you.

Parks and Landscapes

Much land is allotted to greenery and many small and large parks are made part of this place. These landscapes and beautiful parks are a source of much relaxation and delight for the people where they can spend a quality time in the womb of nature.

Underground Wiring

All the connections including sewerage, electricity, telephone, gas and cable are undergrounded which is very convenient. Through this, different problems because of climate effects could be avoided.


A beautiful and luxurious mosque is constructed which have all the basic facilities. The residents can offer prayers in a sacred and comfortable environment of the mosque.

Five-Star Hotel

A very lavish and lead-class five-star hotel is available to you where you will get the best services and memorable food experience with your friends and family.


After knowing all this you must want to be a part of Gandhara City Islamabad. Am I right? So there is no need to wait. Just avail on this lifetime opportunity as soon as possible. Be quick and fast to book your plot now and start living in a quality way. The home is not just a roof or a name of investment. It is much more than that. The developers of this project understand this aspect and give you a place where you not just simply exist but enjoy the lifestyle with full potential. Everything or anything is obtainable at your doorstep because of its great location and favourable payments.


Gandhara City Islamabad Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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