Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad is one of the main highlighted residential project in the boundary of industrial city Faisalabad. Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad is pleasant to announce that they are giving you modern and traditional residence which is not only assertive from living point of view but also have charming impact from nearby commercial, industrial and educated area.

Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad Location Map
Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad Payment Plan

You can enjoy all entertainment luxuries and comfort secure boundary for your life. By knowing about Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad property plan and fair payment plan, you will be indulge in the love of Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad project. To know complete remarkable details of Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad, you have to join following discussion.

Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad

Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad Location Map:

In the industrial city Faisalabad, PKS Group has planned residential society for you comfort living. Developers choose central location of main city at the edge of Jasmine Ln Road. You can visualize the sketch that mostly inner areas of Faisalabad are interconnected to Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad. On the other side, public transport is admirable feature of Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad from traveling aspect.

Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad Location Map

Faisalabad commercial areas and shopping malls are flexibly accessible from Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad. Your child can grow up her/his skill by living in the compatible surrounding of modern world.

Invest your asserts on the profitable residential project, if you are willing to see your successful future.

Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad Payment Plan

Faisalabad as being industrial city of Pakistan is perfect location for living because in well developed cities you have huge variety of opportunities of jobs. And offer Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad residence is adorable blessing for all of you. Most of the guys avoid to visit the project location because they have a myth of high price specially in city areas. To give you flexible payment plan, PKS developers planned trustworthy economical prices and easy installment plan for all of us. Indulge yourself in the modern and secure residential project Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad and enjoy your living.

To give you precise Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad payment plan updates, I will update you as soon as they reveal anything.


PKS Developers are expert real estate marketer, they have a powerful contribution in the modern development of many cities. After doing lot of trustworthy projects PKS Developers are going to offer another international modern residential project for you. Guess what, I have top secret for you related to PKS Project? On the serious node all of you are blessed with Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad which has out of the box state of art for your living. To know about enhance details of Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad, you have to follow given discussion.


In rear cases you found dominate location in the well develop cities, have you ever see many choices during property observation? Definitely no, Because mostly real estate investors develop commercial and residential societies for their business only. But if you found the business and living project by expert and talented developers you must avail the opportunity. Let’s continue the discussion about PKS Group property plan, they are eventually giving satisfactory residential are in huge variety. Both large combine families and small families are warm welcomed towards Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad.

To capture the actual click of Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad Property Plan, you must go through from following precise information.

  • 20 Marla Residential Plots

  • 40 Marla Residential Plots

  • 60 Marla Residential Plots
  • 80 Marla Residential Plots
  • 10 Marla Commercial Plots


Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad are pleased to show their expertise which they have mapped for your residence. Would you love to know about modern luxuries within Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad? In busy life I know all of need complete living necessities near to your house. And it’s a true factor that customers attract toward all those properties that have remarkable surrounding of essentials.

If you come to Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad living zone, you would force yourself to indulge in the depth of complete updates of residence. Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad has well arranged commercial area, health centers, educational institutes, entertainment and experience educational institutes around it.

Government Primary School, First Step School of Art and Science, Government Elementary School, Government Girls High School all are located at the walking distance from Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad.

Vaterinary Hospital, Kausar Mehmood Hospital, Baba Fareed Hospital and K&R Dental and Cosmetic Surgery are admirable health centers located nearby Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad.

Food lover alert! Chacha Pizza Shop, Shaam Sraya Restaurants, Marhaba Mahal Restaurants, Victoria Exclusive Marquee and famous food point of Faisalabad. Being a part of Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad,  you don’t need to cover large distance to approach all these food point because Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad is closely connected to all of them.

I have charming news for all the kids and crazy entertainment lovers, well managed parks including: Kashmir Park, Jinnah Park, Water Park are located in the neighbourhood of Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad. Your child can go for gaming in the secured and manage parks.

For giving you proper praying area, Jamia Mosque Khadija Fatima is mapped in front of Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad. I think no reason behind to ignore lavish Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad residential project. To know more about inner details of Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad, you must scroll down your page and collect updates.

Main Features:

  • Electricity availability

  • Sui Gas Supply

  • Strong sewerage system

  • Lavish green belts around all roads

  • Street lights

  • High speed internet lines

  • Cable TV connection

  • Well management staff

  • Expert security

  • CCTV security

  • Central location of Faisalabad

  • Wide roads in front of each residence

  • Commercial areas

  • Residential luxuries

  • Modern state of art


  • Nearby mosque

  • Nearby health centers (hospitals)

  • Nearby educational institutes

  • Nearby Commercial areas

  • Nearby shopping malls

  • Nearby industrial area


Abdullah Gardens Faisalabad Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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